My rates

My  rate is depending on destination tour , I am offering all kinds of tour as you need.I am flexible if you have chose your own one is fine.  
Here are some examples of possible itineraries, and rates.

#One Day tour - $20 USD

* Special avoid Crowed tour

. Sunrise at Angkor wat (afteer sunrise walk around to see everthing inside)
.7:30 am for Ta Promh ( Tom Raider)
.Ta Nei
.Ta Keo
.Victory gate
.South gate 

#Extra charge

*Sunrise:$5(Sunrise only 10$)
*Sunset :5$(sunset only 10$)
*Banteay Srey 10$
*Banteay Srey + Khbal Spean 15$

Two days tour $70 USD

# Day I
. Do floating Village of Kompong khleng
*kompong kleng is about 53km from Siem reap. it the best floating Village in Siem reap, because it the biggest floating Communities ,it has 3000 families and 10000 people are living here.This communities is control tourism by their own people ,your money pay is goes to people there.I am highly recommended you to do this floating Communities so you can help local people has the job not just to pay money to do Angkor wat ticket that control by company !

. Visit monster Crocodile farm if you would like to
.return to buy Angkor wat, tiket keep for next day

# Day II

*Do all the best temples
. Sunrise at Angkor Wat
.Angkor Wat
.Ta Promh
.Ta Nei
.Ta keo
.Preah Khan
.sought gate 

#Three Day Tour - $90 USD

#Day I 

*buy angkor wat pss
.Pre Rup
.East Mebon
.Ta Som
.Neak Peam
.Preah Khan
.Banteay Srey

#Day 2 

.Sunrise at Angkor Wat
.Angkor Wat
.Ta Promh
.Ta Nei
.Ta Keo
.Victory gate

#Day 3 

. Floatting Village of Kompong Khleng floating Village
.Monster Crocodile Farm if you would like to do

.Rolous Group temples
.Lo Lei
.Preah Ko

*Extra Charge from my 3 days package
. Kbal Spean 10$
.Beng Melea 25$

Other Tours (examples)

#Other Mode Tour

.Beng Mealea 45$
.Koh Ker 120$ by car
.Preah Vihear 150$ by car

*I have offered all kind of tour around Cambodia
# Orange all kinds of tickets
.air tickets
.Bus tickets
.Taxi to any City in Cambodia


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